One of my main new year resolutions is to maintain a more positive outlook. This is a more difficult task than one would imagine but I am determined to succeed. So that’s the newspapers, news bulletins on the telly and radio right out the window. Anyone that speaks negatively about the country and its hilarious leaders are to be cast out of my circle, I suspect it may be a somewhat lonely year but it was seriously affection my sanity. We must all dwell upon the positive aspects (please send me some to dwell on as I am at this!)

One very positive feature of the landscape was my holiday in the fairest really is starting to fell as if you are visiting another country when you go down there. The street are clean there are no electric fences nor impossibly high walls, there is a policeman on virtually every street corner, all the robots work, even the taxi divers nearly drive acceptable. Families can be seen enjoying early evening walks in the suburbs, something that we can only dream only dream of here. It also reminded me what daylight saving hours could potentially do to transform our summer here in the big smoke.

I am also positively short of stock presently, due to an unexpectedly busy December Consequently I would be most interested in buying some motors. Please call me with your exceptional. Unusual, individual or unequivocal. No car too small no cute, too big or thirsty, just excellent examples of their type and I look forward to doing business with you…….

Its hard to believe, but when Executive Cars first opened its doors for business, a new  Mercedes Benz SL cost R24 000, an E type V12 roadster even less, and you could have your choice of contemporary exotica, such as a Ferrari Dino or a Porsche 911, for similar money. Sun City was a twinkle in Mr Kerzner’s eye. And the test pattern was the only thing you could watch on the telly. Scope magazine travelled the world looking for models with stars instead of nipples. And the thought of making love to a Naomi Campbell look-a-like was punishable by incarceration or worse. There were no such things as electric fences, hijacking, PCs, child rape or cell phones. The  streets were safe, you  could park your car anywhere and it would be there when you got back. There was an excellent and efficient police force, a proficient police force, a proficient army, reliable electricity supply, a public health system, workshops that knew how to fix things, there were less lawyers and accountants, a helpful bureaucracy, and even bank managers that you could talk to my, this world has changed in 35 short years, but some things remain the same. Executive Cars is still here, still dealing in the same kind of cars, still offering the same , no nonsense service with no hidden  extras, no convoluted offers, no subsidised interest rates, free holidays or cash back schemes, Just an old fashioned approach to sound  business, it works for us, as we sit watching so called competitors come and go, or grow so big that they burst, or are swallowed up by even larger groups, never to offer the same service again,Oh,and those cars I mentioned at the beginning: the SL is now worth R150 000, the E Type R650 000, the Dino R1 200 000 and the 911[RS] about the same!

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