Its that magical time of the year again, you know, when you wish you had a nice convertible to just around in. There is something very calming about wafting along with the hood down, a surreal sense of well being surrounds you, and you start looking for any kind of an excuse to go for a drive. Life is really about toil and reward, and there is no better way to reward yourself daily, than buying a convertible from Executive Cars Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could have daylight-saving hours in summer? Having originated from Europe,I miss those long sunny days. Let’s face it. By the time we have finished our daily toil, fought the taxis home, sun is gone, the taxis home, sun is gone, the day is over, Just two hours would do, and the two hours missed sleep for one night would be a small price to pay. Then you could spend more time wafting about in the gorgeous convertible, catching a tan same time, solidify-ing  that thought that the best thing you ever did was to reward yourself for your hard work. Do I have to remind you that convertibles retain their value better than any other form of transport? Or that each cabriolet comes with a map of the universe at no extra cost to yourself? How about the fact convertibles have been clinically proven to retard the effects of greying due to increased blood flow to the hair follicles? Makes you look, therefore feel, carefree? Shall I go on?