Our Philosophy

“Quality endures long after the price is forgotten.”

In an increasingly competitive and therefore discounted environment, quality plays second fiddle to “best price”. We firmly believe that quality and condition are the key factors to success in this business. We will not compete as the cheapest around, but we will maintain our high standard of quality merchandise. If you have already visited our showroom, you will understand exactly what we mean.

We are, quite obviously, very proud of the collection of cars that we put together for our discerning clientele. Sometimes we get a little too emotionally involved with our stock. For this we apologize. However, in order to constantly offer the very best examples, we have to go that little bit further, dig that little but deeper. Rather than comparing our vehicles on paper, come in and touch, feel and experience the quality and honesty of our offerings.

Remember, each one of these vehicles has been hand picked, tested, and driven before being offered for sale. You will always receive a realistic, open and honest appraisal, together with a confident approach, masterful technique, and the considered opinion, that only comes with experience; combined experience, in fact from the team of three, with over 70 years in the motor industry.

Company Profile

In a world of conglomerates and monopolies, it is refreshing to encounter a small, privately owned business that does not aspire to being listed on the stock exchange, but simply wishes to offer a personal, professional service, together with uncompromising quality in a relaxed environment.

We have acquired a reputation, over the years, of dealing in specialist type vehicles, but the range has been extended to any vehicle which meets our strict criteria, whether it be a classic, modern, or a lifestyle vehicle: if it is the very best example of its genre, we will stock it.