• 1999 Land Rover Discovery V8 ES

    • 204,000 km
    • Automatic

    An exceptional example of the Disco 2. 4 litre petrol V8 . I am sure my pics indicate condition. Its as good mechanically as it is cosmetically. This is the ES model, top of the range, twin sunroofs, electric seats, full leather, towbar front and rear. 21 years old and never been kissed, at least not by another vehicle !! Recently owned by a scholar and gentleman farmer who has done nothing but add value to the vehicle since i sold it to him. If you are looking for a very good example at a very good price, look no further. I like these older Landys. They are not as electrically or computer controlled, they are simple to maintain and instantly, with a 21 year old, you dont have to stress about depreciation or future value anymore, this vehicle will always maintain its value if kept in such condition. A definite buy !!!!

  • 2020 Fiat Panda 900 TwinAir Lounge

    • 4,000 km
    • Manual

    ideal suburban warrior with room fo 4 students or even a gaggle of children, the Panda is fitted with the same engine as the 500, it delivers surprising performance and excellent fuel consumption. The balance of the 3yr 0r 100000kms warranty is in place. This is the Lounge, which has many extras over the standard including electric windows, rear pdc, multi function steering wheel,. It has covered a mere 4000kms so is practically new

  • 2001 BMW Z3 3.0

    • 47,000 km
    • Automatic

    Genuine one owner from new example with incredibly low mileage. The last of the Z3’s, the 3 litre versions were tried and proven. These models are now attracting serious collectors interest, as can be seen by the ones currently for sale !!! Its black with tan interior, The paint is not great due to its darkness and stonechips and the odd graze on the bumpers, but this minor cosmetic stuff is hopefully reflected in the asking price, which is more than R100,000 less than similarly advertised examples

  • 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC GLC350d 4Matic

    • 41,000 km
    • Automatic

    High spec and highly desirable top of the range diesel. A mid sized family orientated lifestyle vehicle with service and maintenance of 5 yrs \100,000 kms balance from new. Ideal engine combo at altitude combining performance very cleverly with economy.

  • 2017 Fiat 500C 60th Anniversary Edition TwinAir

    • 7,500 km
    • Automatic

    Here is a very rare 500 cabriolet. There were only 560 produced in the world. This one has found its way here. There are several distinguishing features, unique colour combination, special edition wheels, sumptious leather interior, custom tow bar [ for protection or pulling your Vespa]], cruise control, as well as other retro touches throughout celebrating its 60th birthday.. If you are looking for individuality, style and flair as well as relative exclusivity, this is the gem for you. Did you see the mileage ? Very nice !!

  • 2006 Z4M Coupe

    • 153,000 km
    • Manual

    FUTURE CLASSIC! Here is a very tidy example of the Z4M. A true M car of the highest order. Manual 5 speed, the vehicle drives strong .if you are searching for a truly individual performance car then look no further.

  • 2013 BMW X5 xDrive30d

    • 168,000 km
    • Automatic

    a lovely example of the most popular model in the range, this award winning engine is all that you could possibly need. It is blessed with the most comprehensive service history and has obviously been well cared for. Come and have a drive ………

  • 1991 Mercedes-Benz 500E

    • 145,000 km
    • Automatic
    R0.00 POA
    Interesting and highly collectible vehicle. The 500e was a limited production, left hand drive only, wolf in sheeps clothing for outwardly it resembled other W124 models. On closer inspection one notices the wider body, the lower stance. A sledge hammer produced in collaboration with Porsche, an example still sits in the Porsche museum today! The same team that put these cars together at Porsche also did the same with the Audi RS2. These collaborative models have historical significance and have proven very sound investments.
    i am looking for educated offers please. The price range currently spans a wide arc.
    do your homework then come and chat to me.
  • 1981 Ferrari 308 GTSi

    • 58,000 km
    • Manual

    there are so many reasons to purchase this example. It is a GTBi. Only 494 were made, making it very rare. This one has been blessed with the same owner since 1984. It has covered just 58000kms from new. It has never been in an accident and never lived in anything other than a rust free environment. It has been owned by a mature gentleman and has been part of his collection for 36 years. Personally, i am so relieved that it is not red, This is classic midnight blue with tan interior and it really suits the car. The car drives well. The beauty of the fuel injected model is that you dont have any issues relating to carb models such as starting etc. Its on the button and purrs. ideal addition to a collection or easily moveable asset, this car can be bought at a relatively entry level price point, in fact i see that there are half a dozen Mondials advertised for far more than this 308 !!! How can this be possible ? Beautiful car just in case my pics havent convinced you. The LHD market is particularly strong at the moment, mainly due to the exodus of former taxpayers back to Europe. You may not find an ostensibly one owner example like this again.

  • 1984 Alfa Romeo GTV V6 3.0

    • 500 km
    • Manual

    A most rare and highly collectable vehicle, this 3 litre, one of less than 50 reputed to be left in the world from an initial run of 208 cars, has just been the subject of a ground up restoration by the two men most capable of doing it justice, Basie Theron and Dawie de Villiers. The vehicle has since only covered 400 kms and is only available once the running in has been completed. The car is a late, long dash example. There are numerous videos on line about this vehicle. If you are looking to complete your collection, or need a valuable moveable asset for Europe or Australia, or simply collect low production number vehicles, i would ask you to strongly consider this example.

  • 1983 Porsche 911 SC Cabriolet

    • 225,000 km
    • Manual

    This is a quite exquisite example of the first year of production SC cabriolet . It is right hand drive, has a comprehensive service history and has been kept meticulously by a rather obvious enthusiast, scholar and gentleman. It is getting increasingly difficult to find such originality. i would highly recommend that you come and view this example before making a decision on any other 911 !! Thank me later !!

  • 2010 Lotus Exige S-Spec Supercharged

    • 23,000 km
    • Manual

    An unbelievable example of the EXIGE S. This ultimate sports car has been treated to a few accessories to make it even more unique ! Try well in excess of R250K’s worth including the uprated oil cooler, racing sump, Viper exhaust system, racing harnesses All bespoke carbon fibre trim is by Hangar 111 in the UK. The carbon extends to front and rear splitters, rear venturi, exterior intakes, door sills and door panels and handles, centre console, instrument binnacle and the rear wing. Yokohama semis complete the exciting picture. These S240’s are highly collectible and have much stronger value everywhere in the world except here. Take advantage of this

  • 2015 Royal Enfield Classic 500

    • 550 km
    Calling all hippies, hipsters and psychedelic trippers. Alternatively artists, poets and survivalists !! Here is the ideal sunday morning alternative, the fun holiday home accessory.
    you dont see sidecars anymore and this combo couldnt be more suited. The whole package just screams the 50’s without the oil leaks and lack of reliability!! excellent branding tool, cafe accessory or simply a nostalgic alternative. It is a 2015 model and has covered the princely sum of 550 kms from new. R85000
  • Land Rover Big Body TDV8 Vogue

    • 171,000 km
    December 2006 model. Exceptional example of the big dawg. I have had a long relationship with these models, having had, in various forms , one as a family vehicle for years. There is something about the big body that sets it apart from other vehicles. It is a feeling rather than a specification that stands out, solid, spacious, with relatively old school levels of trim, real wood and real leather. This is important to a certain type of individual, lets be kind and say that they are pre- imitation carbon fibre and glossy plastic lovers!! Whilst every other similar vehicle is obsessed with swathes of vinyl, the RR proudly shows its contribution to the planet by killing trees and cows [ plural] for their exclusive use inside the modern cave mans choice of transport.
    This example has been subject to extensive mechanical refreshment in the last year\5000kms, with over R100,000 spent to keep it in splendid condition. It has only covered 5k with its renewed bits!! full service history, 163000kms. So actually someone has done all the hard work, paid the money and have gifted this vehicle to you as I am asking the very reasonable price of R195,000.
  • 2006 Porsche 911 Carrera S

    • 78,000 km
    • Manual

    very good looking example of the 997 Carrera 3.8 S Chrono pack 6 speed manual. Recent replacement clutch [RS] so it should be good for another 80k. Really the most compelling model in the range, pre turbo chargers, pre engine size reductions, proper gearbox, factory sunroof. Later spec factory front and rear lenses stand this one apart from the others, as does the rather unique but relevant colour………….

  • 1982 BMW 635 CSi

    • 162,000 km
    • Manual

    The Shark is back !! These models are becoming increasingly valuable and this one provides a very nice basis. Its straight, panels are good, paintwork excellent and the car has been retrimmed some time in the past. Its the desirable 5 speed manual with sports seats. I do have original rims as an option and BBS period wheels that might be your preference. The car has been in a collection these last few years. Check others currently for sale then compare my pricing

  • 1956 Morris Minor Traveller

    • n/a
    • Manual

    Does this, or does it not make you feel like baking bread? or frolicking through fields of lavender with the farmers daughter, or procreating in between sips of the last of the summer wine? Whenever i go near it i feel compelled to write poetry, sing songs, make love not war. Do you think someone might have slipped something into my drink or is it this car?. Its cute, its cuddly, it harks to days gone by when the world was simpler, when engines were more reliable, when electronics were things for geeks to ponder about, not fit into cars so that they could break down more often. They were made of real metal and real wood, built by men with their hands, when men were men and sheep were nervous. Just look at that engine ! I have bigger movements in some of my wristwatches. Give me R139000 PLEASE

  • 1961 Jaguar Mk2 3.8

    • 1,500 km
    • Manual 3 Speed with overdrive

    This is a very early example, a 61, which has been the subject of a 10 year restoration process. It is the most desirable 3.8 manual overdrive. All aspects of the vehicle have been restored. It is fitted with early stove enamel wire wheels. The finest leather has been sourced and its finished exquisitely in the cabin. All 32 individual pieces of wood have been restored. The car could not be replicated today at twice the money i am asking

  • 2012 BMW 650i MSport Convertible

    • 53,000 km

    Black beauty !! Black on black on black, a very sexy colour combination indeed. The best part of this car apart from its originality and condition is the mileage! 53000 in 8 years, just over 6000kms per year. To put this car into perspective, one with 53000 less kms will cost you in excess of R1,800,000 !!! Still one of the best 4 seater convertibles on the road

  • 1988 Mercedes Benz 500SL

    • 120,000 km
    • Automatic

    The last of the great SL’s, this 88 ABS model is in fine condition. As you can see from the pics it is a British spec example. The condition is exemplary and it shows in the drive. Let me tell you that you can learn all you need to know by driving a classic. They dont hide their secrets well ! This is virtually as good as it gets. There are a few chips here and there but the rest is tres magnifique!! We know that these cars are heading towards Pagoda levels with some people already paying in excess of R1 Million raands for good examples.