1956 Morris Minor Traveller

Does this, or does it not make you feel like baking bread? or frolicking through fields of lavender with the farmers daughter, or procreating in between sips of the last of the summer wine? Whenever i go near it i feel compelled to write poetry, sing songs, make love not war. Do you think someone might have slipped something into my drink or is it this car?. Its cute, its cuddly, it harks to days gone by when the world was simpler, when engines were more reliable, when electronics were things for geeks to ponder about, not fit into cars so that they could break down more often. They were made of real metal and real wood, built by men with their hands, when men were men and sheep were nervous. Just look at that engine ! I have bigger movements in some of my wristwatches. Give me R139000 PLEASE


Kilometers n/a
Color White
Transmission Manual


Year 1956
Make Morris Minor
Model Traveller
Transmission Type Manual
Fuel Type Petrol