1973 Volkswagen Beetle 1600

CUTE interpretation of the Beetle, this example is fitted with earlier extras such as the roof rack and luggage rack, the parcel shelf and earlier steering wheel. The choice of extras and the restoration colour all add up to a very sensitive and satisfying package. The car has been rebuilt and improved\restored where necessary. It is fabulously reliable and garners attention wherever it goes. We are in a new world even if you dont know it, our reality has shifted and we have to start considering stepping off the brand wheel, the unhealthy habits of competing with our peers, the pointless competitiveness of trying to keep up with your Jones’s. This car signifies your rejection of all of the above and establishes you as an individual free thinking person who will not be influenced nor swayed by clever marketing. Everyone should own a Beetle in a none socialistic way


Kilometers n/a
Engine 1.6L


Year 1973
Make Volkswagen
Model Beetle 1600
Engine (l) 1.6