Owner of the business, husband to one, father to two! A career that spans some 40 years in the motor industry from humble beginnings in northern England to over 30 years in the local industry. That oil and petrol now run through his veins would be an understatement !

A certified [read certifiable] caraholic, it is his passion for all things automotive that produces the eclectic mix always available at Executive Cars. He still gets turned on when finding a vehicle that has been preserved or cherished and continues to drive every single car he buys before offering it to his clients.

Always available for a chat or advice as long as it is automotive related!! His eclectic views on cars are reflected in his own small collection of original cars encompassing 4, 6, 8 and 12 cylinder examples with only one commonality, they are all the same colour, midnight blue!! His greatest personal achievement [apart from persuading his wife to marry him and producing two fine sons] is to have resisted the urge that so many other players in the industry have succumbed to and exported any historically significant vehicles overseas. Sadly it appears only to have momentarily slowed the loss down as, conservatively, 75% of collectors cars have gone in the last 30 years, never to be seen again.

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